Inherit? Invest

I am proud to have been featured in the Miami Herald’s article “Inherit? Invest” on the front page of their Saturday Money Section. I gave advice on how to handle an inheritance such as waiting before making major decisions, keeping inherited money separate from joint marital assets, increasing your umbrella policy’s liability insurance coverage, not counting on the inheritance before

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Are Some Investors Really Only Savers?

Many people who think they are investors are really savers. Although saving is an important part of a good financial plan, the reality is that investing is what will make the biggest impact on your long-term financial results. Long-term results require long-term thinking — and the reason why so many people are savers is because they have short-term thinking. “Savings”

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Taxpayer Bill Of Rights

Have you ever been frustrated with the Internal Revenue Service? A recent survey “revealed that only 46% of taxpayers believe they have any rights before the IRS.” In an effort to improve their image, the IRS recently published a “Taxpayer Bill of Rights.” The National Taxpayer Advocate, Nina E. Olson, said that “…most taxpayers do not believe they have rights

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